Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crooked Fingers (2001) and the New Pornographers (2001) fliers

This is the first flier that I made for the Grog Shop. I still like the image, but am saddened by what an ignorant savage I was at the time. I hadn't quite figured out what "art supplies" were, so this was drawn with Uni-Ball pens and Sharpie on copier paper. At the time, drawing fliers was kind of a lark and I simply used what I had on hand to draw with.


This is the first flier I drew for the Beachland Ballroom. As with the above Crooked Fingers flier, it was drawn with Uni-Ball and Sharpie on copier paper. It took about twenty fliers until I made the leap to Micron pens, india ink and Bristol paper. I'm pretty sure I didn't want to invest the money in fancy pens and paper because I am insanely cheap, and like I said, doing fliers was a lark... I just wanted to get into shows for free! Now that I've drawn about a thousand fliers (and gone through reams of Bristol, mountains of micron pens and rivers of india ink...) I wish I'd made the early investment.

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